We solve hardware issues,



Need network design? Installation? Troubleshooting? Management? Cabling?

Do you know how technology seems to go haywire at the most inopportune times? Servers refuse to communicate with one another or worse, crash, leaving you in a crunch scrambling to meet that big deadline or get that urgent shipment out the door. Then, you pay good money to get the problem fixed, only to have it break down again weeks or months later. Suddenly, what was a quick emergency fix has now cost you even more lost time and money. The problem may have been fixed, but not solved.

At Khronos, we solve problems, period – before, during, or after they occur. And our work is not done until the problem is solved. In fact, we are so committed to ensuring the issue is completely solved that we offer warranties on our installations. If a hiccup should arise, give us a call, and a custom-tailored team of experts will be there right away to ensure that not only is the hiccup fixed, but that it doesn’t happen again.